New Zealand General Skilled Migration Program

New Zealand General Skilled Migration Program

NZ economy standing strong in a developed and prosperous condition is a major motivator to draw immigrants to NZ. The higher GDP of the country perfectly relates to the sophisticated standard of living of people in NZ. Despite of an increase in the figures of people migrating to New Zealand, the country still has a shortage of skilled workers in various fields.

Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) contains the occupation list for NZ that are the in-demand occupations according to the needs of the NZ economy. This list is updated on a regular basis and our immigration consultants keep a vigilant eye for the amendments made in this list to ensure maximum benefit of our clients. Medical and IT professionals are often highly in demand in NZ.

While pristine natural beauty of this enchanting island offers the rarely found tranquil atmosphere, yet top notch living standards here are not second to any developed country. This combination of peaceful environment and yet offering the comforts of today’s modern world make NZ the first immigration choice for many people nowadays.

New Zealand is also amongst the world’s safest and most peaceful countries, providing more temptation to immigrants to make it their new home.

Work ethics and ability of an individual is given supreme importance in the Kiwi culture. Your contribution and efforts for the development of the society are highly recognized and applauded.

The decision of immigration to NZ changes your life completely and must be considered carefully. Having faced any dilemmas or queries, you can consult us anytime and we would be more than glad to assist you the right way.

New Zealand Skilled Migration Application Process

If you applying to immigrate to New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category, you will need to go through the following steps.

1. Requirements – First you need to demonstrate that you meet the basic requirements. You need to be aged from 20-55 (inclusive). You also have to meet the standards of health, character, and English language proficiency before you start the process.

2. Expression of Interest (EOI) – This is the first step in the application. If you qualify, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), in which you claim points for skills, experience, and other factors.

3. The EOI pool and the pool draw – If your EOI application has more than 100 points, it goes into the Pool. Every fortnight, all EOIs over 140 points are automatically selected for an invitation to apply. After this, lower scoring EOIs with certain factors, such as skilled employment in New Zealand, are selected. Your chances of selection improve greatly the more points you have.

4. Invitation to Applying – if you meet the EOI selection criteria, you will need be sent the Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the NZ Immigration department. You complete the paperwork and send them proof of the claims made on your EOI, including any necessary medical and police certificates, proof of English language proficiency, your skills, experience, and other factors.

5.Final Assessment – Immigration New Zealand will then assess you for residence and make sure your points claims are valid. This may include an interview.

6.Residence and Work to Residence visas and permits -If you meet the criteria, you will be offered a residence visa or permit. If the Immigration department thinks that you have potential, but want to see how you settle, give will be given a work to residence visa or permit, which you can use to help obtain an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand for up to nine months. If you obtain skilled employment in this time you will have shown your ability to settle and contribute, and your residence application will be approved. If you do not meet the Immigration departments’ residence policy criteria they will decline your application for residence.

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Canada Federal Skilled Worker (Professional) Immigration

Federal Skilled Worker applications are assessed based on an applicant’s ability to become economically established upon immigration to Canada.

In order to qualify for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa, Canadian Federal Skilled Worker (Professional) applicants must:

1. Have at least one year of continuous full-time or equivalent paid work experience in the past 10 years in one of the 50 eligible occupations; or
2. Qualify for Arranged Employment with a Labour Market Opinion and a full-time, permanent job offer from a Canadian employer; or
3. Have completed a PhD in Canada, or have completed two years of study in Canada towards a PhD, in both cases at a recognized institution; and
4. Pass a minimum threshold of language ability for one of Canada’s two official languages (English/French)

In addition, Federal Skilled Worker (Professional) applicants must attain at least 67 points based on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) immigration selection factors.

The selection factors are summarized as follows:

1. Education: Applicants are awarded up to 25 points.
2. Language Skills: Applicants are awarded up to 28 total points (24-first official language, 4-second official language).
3. Work Experience: Applicants are awarded up to 15 points for paid skilled work experience acquired in the last 10 years. A minimum of 9 points is required.
4. Age: Applicants are awarded up to 12 points.
5. Arranged Employment: Applicants are awarded up to 10 points.
6. Adaptability: Applicants are awarded up to 10 points.

In addition to fulfilling eligibility and points requirements, applicants must show that they have sufficient settlement funds to support themselves and their dependants after arrival in Canada. Applicants and their dependants must also undergo medical examinations and security clearances as part of the Canadian immigration application process.

Canada Immigration Process – Federal Skilled Worker

The Eight Steps of the Canada Immigration Process – Federal Skilled Worker

There are two distinct ways to qualify for a Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker category and there are different requirements throughout the immigration process for each:

1. Applicants with Arranged Employment.
2. All other Federal Skilled Worker applicants must have work experience from a list of 50 qualifying occupations.

All applications are initially submitted the.

1. Your qualification is first assessed.
2. Once qualification has been done, you submit your application to Central Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney Nova Scotia.
3. Your Canadian immigration application is screened in Sydney, Nova Scotia

. The transfer of your application and supporting documents from the Canadian Intake Office (CIO) to the Canadian Immigration Visa Office that will be processing your application

4. Your application is reviewed by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer
5. Personal interview is waived or required
6. Medical instructions are issued
7. Request for your passport and right of Permanent Resident fee
8. Issuance of your Canada immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa

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Immigration Procedure For Australia Under Skilled Migration Program

If you are also looking forward to Australian Migration, given below is the step-by-step process for your guidance:

1. First check if you qualify through the basic requirements for general skilled immigration to Australia. You must be below the age of 49 years, when applying for immigration under this program. Sufficient command in English language is must and majority of applicants need to qualify through an IELTS exam as well.
2. Second step is to check if the occupation you are applying for is nominated under the Australia’s skilled occupations list (SOL) and Consolidated Skill Occupation List (CSOL).
3. In case, the occupation you wish to apply for is not nominated in any of the above mentioned lists, you are not likely to be qualified to apply for Skilled Migrant Visa to Australia. Contact us for expert guidance on alternate immigration choices and destinations that may suits you the best.
4. If meeting basic requirements, you will check whether or not you have relevant experience and desired qualifications in the nominated occupation.
5. Some assessment bodies like Engineers Australia require IELTS report to be included as part of the assessment process. If seeking nomination under such occupations, you should undergo IELTS before applying for skill assessment. Otherwise, you may appear in this test at a later stage but before filing of the EOI application.
6. If meeting basic requirements, you need to apply for assessment of your qualifications by relevant assessment authority in Australia. The assessment body would advise, whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the chosen nominated occupation, as per established requirements.
7. If your occupation does not get positive assessment from the assessment body, you cannot apply for immigration to Australia.
8. If claiming spousal points, check whether or not she/he meets the basic requirements. If yes, she should also be appearing in the IELTS test.
9. Check whether or not you meet the pass mark under the permanent skilled migrant visa category. Points in this test are awarded on the basis of several factors that include skills, detailed work experience, Australian qualifications, and residence area and spouse skills. The pass mark in this test is set by the Australian government.
10. If not meeting the pass mark on your own, you may opt for state sponsorship or relative sponsorship (if eligible);
11. Now lodge EOI (Expression of Interest).
12. If eligible under state sponsorship, apply for state sponsorship.
13. Once EOI shortlisted, lodge the visa application within 60 days.
14. Go for medical examination and police clearance certificate (PCC).
15. Application Approved
16. Plan your travel to Australia and move

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Imigrate Abroad

Immigration to Australia is based on a points system. Points are based on for various factors like Skill, Age, Language, Spouse Employ-ability & Qualification, Relevant work experience, Sponsorship etc., The total of all these factors should be more than or equal to the current pass marks which is 60 in the case of Australia to make an application for EOI .

Falling short of scoring the minimum 60 points must also not dishearten you when you place your trust in us. We assist you in qualifying under the Australia Sponsored Visa category in such a case you need less points. However, sponsorship being one of the major requirements that needs to be fulfilled.

While an Australian relative sponsorship / state sponsorship can grant you 10 additional points for provisional visa, a state sponsorship can provide you with 5 extra points for permanent visa that lowers your pass mark.